Why your Biz should embrace custom Biz Tees

Why your Biz should embrace custom Biz Tees



Professional, or funky? Personalised or uniform?

Whatever the style, Business tees are a must, and here's why.


Curiosi-tee: Get People Talking

Have you ever walked down the street and been drawn to a catchy logo on someone's t-shirt? Well, with custom tees, you can be the owner of that logo and start conversations without even saying a word. People form judgments about others within 7 seconds, and custom tees are a simple way to spike their curiosity and interest in your brand.

Likeabili-tee: Spread the Love

Promotional giveaways are a great way to show appreciation to your customers, and what better way to do it than with a branded t-shirt? People love free stuff, especially when it's a comfortable t-shirt that they can wear out and about. This not only puts a smile on your customer, but it also acts as a walking referral for your business.

Practicali-tee: Work in Comfort

Studies suggest that what we wear can impact our workday, including our productivity, creativity, and even mental health. Comfort is key, and custom tees are a practical and comfortable option that can be worn in a variety of job roles, from office work to trades. By offering your employees the option to wear a uniform-like garment, you can also help prevent decision fatigue – and trust us, it’s a very real thing! 

Uni-tee: Build Unity

Branded t-shirts create a sense of comradery and community in the workplace, adding some fun and excitement to the daily routine. They also foster pride among your employees, showing the world that they are dedicated and proud members of the team. And of course, you are proud of them too, and want them to represent your brand.

Professionali-tee: Look Professional

A well-designed custom tee is a symbol of professionalism and competence. A sharp logo on a snappy tee projects efficiency and instils trust in your brand. A smartly dressed team is always preferred over a shabbily dressed one, and a custom tee can make all the difference.

Marketabili-tee: Get Memorable

Custom tees are a budget-friendly form of advertising, and a well-designed tee can make your brand easily recognizable to both existing and new clients. As humans are naturally visual creatures, custom tees can channel the energy of your brand and reflect your company ethos, making you instantly memorable.

 So let's face it - Custom tees are a must-have for businesses. They offer practical advertising, build unity, and add a bit of fun to the workplace, all at a low cost. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression and get people talking about your brand.