Production Times

Want to start a countdown to when you get your order? Use our guide below to help you understand how long it will take for us to process, print and package your item and get it on it's way to you! 

 Standard Items - 5-10 business days
Our standard items are ordered in from our suppliers once you have placed your order with us. Once we receive the item, it goes into our production queue for printing. 

Fast-track - 3-5 business days
Our fast-track items are kept here in our warehouse and we're able to turn these items around faster. Once your order is placed, we'll process it and get your items in the production queue. 

Rush - same day
When you need something in a hurry, get a rush order! A rush can be applied to any of our fast-track items for a fee of $10 per item. When ordered before midday, we'll have the order printed and ready for collection or dispatch the same day. When ordered after midday, we'll have the order completed next business day. 

 Please note: our production times DO NOT include shipping times. Click here to see shipping information.