10 New Year Resolutions That Won’t Stick

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If you’ve set yourself one of these goals for 2020, it probably won’t work. Here’s a t-shirt for every resolution anyway.

1. Eat healthier.

You’ve spent the last two weeks alternating between shovelling ham and potatoes into your mouth and napping. It’s time to get back onto the “healthy” train.

Kale smoothies. Chia puddings. Protein balls. Almond croissa- what?

2. Exercise more.

It’s time to actually look at all of those workout videos you have saved on Facebook & Instagram for later.

If you have already signed up to a gym, we’ve got the perfect workout tee for you.

Exercise? We thought you said extra fries.

3. Save money

Money is calling… You better pick up! Whether you are planning on jumping on No Spend January, rounding up each purchase to the nearest dollar or starting a cash jar… We wish you luck! ????

4. Drink less alcohol

Farewell weekend wine.

Bye for now bubbles.

So long post work beer.

So you are cutting out alcohol in 2020? We’ll let you drink about this one before you get back to us to confirm.

Here’s a tee to rock if you decide against going through with this resolution.

5. Retire from Social Media

You rise and fall to the scrolling of your own thumbs on your phone and have decided it’s time to buck the trend.

The biggest hurdle in this resolution is avoiding FOMO. Keep busy with your favourite hobbies, call and text your friends instead and make sure all images are saved before deleting anything.

#Bye and #goodluck. Here’s a sassy t-shirt to announce your resignation.

6. Meditate daily

Let. That. Shit. Go.

Life comes with 101 stresses and meditation can be an awesome way to restore peace in your own life. If daily meditation is your goal for 2020, here’s the t-shirt we think you should practise it in.

7. Make new friends

You’ve (hopefully) already got some, but 2020 is going to see you find YOUR kind of people. Your vibe attracts your tribe – it’s time to put yourself out there.

This t-shirt could be a great way to attract some abnormal and unlikely friends to spice up your life.

8. Go on a holiday

You and your mate have been talking about your big trip abroad for the last three years…

Make it finally happen in 2020. Or don’t. ????????‍♂️

Here’s a tee anyway.

9. Do volunteer work

It’s time to give back to the community and you know it. Whether it be overseas, for a local organisation or for a company you truly believe in, volunteering is not only good for the world but for your own soul.

Whether you get around to volunteering or not, here’s a shirt that can double up as a volunteer shirt or a Hunger Games reference. You decide. ????

10. Get organised

If the only reason you made this resolution was to impress your mum, dad, boyfriend and siblings, trust us… It isn’t going to happen.

If you really are set on this as a goal, get specific with it! Are you starting a calendar? Cleaning your room every Sunday? Going through your wardrobe and donating things you don’t want anymore?

If you know someone making one of these resolutions for 2020, why not customise them a shirt as a motivator? Our custom printed t-shirts start from just $14.95 and can be turned around within a day upon request.

You think it, we’ll print it. 

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