A Punny Mug for Every Friend

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Maybe she’s born with it… Maybe it’s caffeine. Why not customise a mug for your coffee/tea drinking friends next special occasion?


Here’s six custom designs we’ve whipped up to get you thinking… ????


For the whisk… Erm, risk takers.


That friend who always bakes without a recipe, wears socks with sandals and doesn’t care what others think. This mug is for the friend who pushes the boundaries a little too far, in the name of fun. This mug is for THAT friend.



Go hard or… Get bacon?


Exercise can only truly be enjoyable, if the word is somehow misinterpreted for bacon. This mug is for the mate who can apparently always smell bacon cooking… Somewhere.

Why not take this mug that step further and gift it with a plate of their favourite sizzling snack?



For the cheese addict… Is it brie you’re looking for?


Your friends favourite music genre? R’n’Brie.

Their life motto? Take the gouda with the bad.

Their biggest compliment? I think you’re grate.

Anyway, this mug is for that friend.



A cup of positivi-tea!


Your friend is fun, kind and warm - and if they were a cup of tea, they’d be your perfect cup of tea. A tea-riffic and wholesome gift, if you ask us.



Slice, slice, baby.


For the friend who you could never forget, mostly because they like anchovies on pizza. Also, because they make your heart swell and your cheeks hurt from the joy of their company. They will always have a pizza your heart.



For your friend with an cattitude.


Wait a meowment… Are you kitten me?

Don’t even try to talk to this friend until the mug is empty and/or washed up. Why not surprise your cat-loving, sassy friend with this? It’s the perfect combination of “stay away” and cats.



Our mugs are made from high quality, dishwasher safe ceramic, and we offer sublimation printing for a full wraparound print. We can print your design on a white mug for just $14.95 – and if you need it like, right now, we can turn it around in a day as a Rush Service! Jump on our website and find our mug, enlisted under “Homewares” to then upload your design and place an order.


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