The Best Tees to Wear When You’ve Given Up

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Ever have days where you just don’t want to anymore? Literally can’t even? Want to stay in bed in a doona burrito forever?



Here are 7 signs you have truly given up, and the perfect tee to wear for the occasion.


  1. Enthusiasm isn’t in your vocab anymore.

When you’ve given up, you don’t care anymore about trying to hide your lack of enthusiasm… For literally anything. Save your words and shirt it, don’t say it. 



Custom design your own I have given up shirt & make it yours on our site.


  1. Only cute animals can save you. Sometimes.

Pick your favourite animal & tee it. Sure, he looks a little exhausted too – but surely the cuteness will cheer you up. Eventually.

Custom a tee with a pic of your pet (or someone else’s) & wear out and about when you have given up.




  1. All personal maintenance is through the window.

You can’t remember the last time you shaved your legs, let alone plucked your ‘brows. People probably don’t really need reminding on your hairy state, but it’s always best to own your flaws. So what, you’ve given up? Own it.



Own that monobrow too.



  1. You might as well be a dead fish.

You aren’t even swimming around in your bowl anymore. You are literally barely floating and don’t give a f**k about it.

Show people how you really feel with this subtle, yet effective tee. Crisp and white, this bad boy can be rocked however you like – but we especially like it with a funky patterned pair of pants.




  1. You are starting to remind yourself of your dead pot plant.

Possibly the lowest of lows, but awfully relatable. You aren’t drinking water, haven’t seen the sun in weeks and are turning a weird colour.

Your plant might not be green anymore, but you can at least wear a shirt that is. Knot it & pop a real flower in your hair.




  1.  Your energy is at 1%.

Literally a code red - you need charging ASAP. If you could read your battery percentage right now, it would probably be a decimal. Wearing this tee is an obvious warning sign to stay away – or at least, bring you a coffee.


Pop a red lip with this tee to bring out the red, almost dead battery.



  1. You relate more to a child than any of your friends.

All you do is cry, eat, poop and sleep. Not even joking. You’ve given up on everything else. Tuck this tee into jeans for a simple & expressive look – or take it one step further and just wear it to bed, like a child would. It’s not like you care anymore.



And there you have it – seven tees to wear when you have given up on everything. As long as you don’t give up the printed tee shirt, you’ll come out the other side soon enough.

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