8 Occasions Worthy of a Custom Tee

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Life’s worth celebrating. Sure, there are the classic moments – like your 21st birthday (if you can remember ), getting married, or even popping out your firstborn. What about all the little wins in life though? That time you finally nailed winged eyeliner totally warrants celebrating; and why not celebrate with a custom Tee? To tempt your inner creative monster, here are 8 occasions worthy of a custom tee. We’re kicking off with the winged eyeliner concept.

1. You finally nailed winged eyeliner

You did it. You finally perfected the elusive winged eyeliner. And not only did you achieve the right amount of thickness and curve but both eyes look the same! Find that perfect lighting, take a selfie and print it on a tee to mark the occasion. Chances are, it will never happen again. #wingit

2. Your pet…. Exists

Let’s face it, you don’t need a special occasion to celebrate your other half…. Even if your other half is a dog. Your fur baby is the cutest living creature ever to exist and it deserves to have it’s face on a T-Shirt and to have you wearing said T-Shirt on your body. That’s all.



3. Your Squad is taking on Splendour

Full of hot acts, hot tents and even hotter hangovers, tackling Splendour with your crew is like an initiation ceremony for most Australians. And it wouldn’t be Splendour without a group costume! Create your own set of Tees for you and your friends with a custom design just for your squad. Look cute & be easy to spot in that huge portaloo line/mid-pash with Mr. Mistake.

4. Taco Tuesdays

Let’s taco-bout Taco Tees. Make yourself up a Taco Tee & wear it on Tuesdays – the only day of the working week worth getting out of bed for. We don’t want to live in a world where we can’t have a Taco on a Tee… Do you?

5. You stopped stalking your ex on social media

They posted a new gym selfie? Who cares! They look fresh in a new outfit? You don’t look twice. Engagement announcement? You don’t even bat an eyelid. Okay, maybe you choked a little and had a coughing fit, but that was totally your sandwiches fault. Celebrate your #win and design an empowering shirt for yourself.

6. You’ve managed to keep a plant alive

You really know you have learned to adult when you can keep a plant alive. What better way to immortalize your masterful, horticultural talents than with a custom tee? If you print a photo of your plant, it will live on in shirt form. Which will be helpful, once you do eventually kill it.  

7. The Family Holiday

The tickets are booked, Mum has brought an unhealthy number of kaftans, your sister has planned out her Instagram shots & your dad has totally forgotten that the fam is going on holiday. The only thing that will make this holiday more exciting is matching T-shirts for the whole family. And might we add, the design is all in your hands. Go wild, you young thing. 

8. You graduated

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of an expensive piece of paper and you now know things. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a custom tee? Maybe something super special and along the lines off, “I just went from undergraduate to unemployed.” 

So, there you have it, 8 totally legitimate occasions to commemorate with a custom T-Shirt. You think it, we’ll print it.


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