Eight costume tees for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner. You need a costume that is clever and acceptable enough to wear to your social event without making you look like a total Halloween-fiend.

Here’s eight T-Shirt designs to inspire this year’s outfit… The best part? You can totally design your own to order through us, and we’ll turn it around

  1. Crayon tee

    It’s cute, it’s fun, it works as a group costume AND you can pick the exact crayon shade that compliments your skin tone. Make a crayon tee, make them for your friends and rock up as a literal pack.

  2. Superman

    It’s a white tee, with a twist… You are actually Superman. Rock this with Clark Kent inspired glasses, gelled hair and do not even think about touching your 5pm shadow.

  3. Ghost (XXXXL white shirt)

    Buy the largest white tee you can get your hands on and don it as a dress… Boo! You are the scariest ghost of them all.

    … On a serious note, if you pair this with some long white socks, some ghoul-ish makeup and your hair slicked back, it totally works.

  4. Where’s Wally

    Where IS HE?! Wally’s right here, but in modern-day attire. Props if you can find yourself a red beanie and some thick rimmed black glasses. Not so scary, but clever…

  5. MnM’s

    Grab your friends, order one in all of the colours and run amok in these m&m tees. Only those who seek life of the party status shalt order.

  6. Pumpkin

    Halloween's icon, on a tee. Not particularly scary, entertaining nor interesting – but at least it’s on-brand? Impress us and go the extra mile – pad the tee to round yourself out and put the pumpkin stem on your head. Thank you in advance.
  7. “This is my Halloween costume”

    The fact that you can’t think of anything better than this t-shirt is scary enough to wear as a costume. Flaunt it, take a selfie in it and post it to the ‘gram. (Also, tag us.)

  8. Bloody Tee

    The go-to Halloween costume. Moderately scary, you’ll blend into Halloween perfectly. It’s not a stand-out, sure… But sometimes the people who blend in are the scariest of them all… Pair with white eye contacts and clever makeup. Have you just murdered someone? Maybe.  


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