A Custom Tee for Every Star Sign

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T-Shirt designs for those who blame their awful funks on Mercury being in Retrograde. You know who you are.



When you are too stubborn to even agree that yes, you are stubborn… Aquarius people are often more progressive, with radical and controversial ideas. When someone challenges you or your ideas, you might become harsh and condescending. Independent, intelligent and witty, you deserve a sassy shirt like this one.




Artistic, friendly and a dreamer – Pisces people are often in a dream-like state. Head in the clouds, Pisces love sleeping, romance, visual media and exploring their imagination. Never judgemental, overly sensitive and sometimes lazy, you are a free spirit that isn’t afraid of feeling things.




Creative, fiery, stylish and energetic. You are essentially a crazy and colourful whirlwind – your world is constantly on the go and you don’t tolerate it going the wrong way either. You love being the best, and you’re motivated to get there. Mucking around? You don’t have time for that.




Taurus are sensual, tactile and conservative. You are the most reliable sign in the zodiac and make a wonderful employee and long-term friend. You are grounded, practical and realistic. Let’s be honest here – you will wear a shirt with text once, and once only. Best you stick with plain and simple, like this nude number.




Let’s beat around the bush: you want to spill the tea, and you want to see tea being spilt. You are fun, social talkative and live for a gossip session. Borderline nosy, you are passionate and always down for an adventure and a good conversation. Your wit is razor sharp – and you’d totally rock this tee to express yourself and get people wondering.




Highly intuitive, self-protective, emotional and gentle. You wear your heart on your sleeve, are moody, nostalgic and flirty. Cancers are often domestically oriented, and care deeply for their family and home. You love your mum, and you would proudly share that with the world.




Magnetic, charismatic and cool. Leo’s like things their way, are super honest and impatient. A natural leader, you step up to the plate - and if you are going to do something, you do it big. With a timeless sense in fashion, you are drawn to earthy and natural colours – but don’t mind a cheeky statement. You’re good, thanks.




Humble, modest and an over-achiever. The typical Virgo puts others before themselves, strictly follows rules and are hard workers. At the end of the day, you live to love, and be loved. At times you can be stubborn, uptight and a push-over. Recovering perfectionist? Tick.




Libra seeks symmetry and equilibrium in all aspects of their life. Obsessed with physical attractiveness, Libras can be vain – however are serious, funny and magnetic. Libras can cause tension with their tendency to be outspoken and share their views unapologetically. They are funny and sarcastic – to the point they’d totally tell the world on a tee.




Passionate, powerful and spiritual. Scorpios are mysterious – you almost never know what you are going to get. Assertive and determined, Scorpios seek the truth and make great leaders. Though brave and well-liked by many, they can be quite turbulent… Here’s a warning sign tee to wear just in case. 




Adaptable, flexible and fun. Sagittarians want to explore, are curious and extremely sociable. Risk-takers, argumentative and outspoken, these people are often refreshingly honest. Bright, colourful and cheery – they wanna rock and roll all night long…



Did your zodiac tee speak to you? Design your own tee and we’ll turn it around in a matter of days. ????

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