18 things you didn’t know about the T-shirt

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If there’s anything we take for granted, it’s the t-shirt. Truly. It’s saved you from a mean singlet burn, been there for you when you just needed something to throw on, and somehow – it can be rocked in almost any situation. It’s time to give the tee some love, with these 18 facts you probably didn’t already know.

  1. T-shirts evolved from “union suits”, also known as “long underwear” – a popular undergarment in the early 19th century.

  1. The word, T-shirt, first appeared in the dictionary in the 20’s.

  1. It takes 6 miles of yarn to make one T-shirt.

Yarn Tee

  1. The most expensive T-shirt in the world is $400,000 and made by Superlative Luxury and is made using solar energy, without emitting carbon dioxide. It also features 16 certified diamonds. Cha-ching!

  1. 5 billion tonnes of waste is prevented every single day from recycling t-shirts.

  1. Cotton is stronger wet than dry & absorbs 20x its weight when wet!

  1. The first promotional shirt was made in 1939, for The Wizard of Oz.

  1. The Aztecs were the first to cultivate cotton, over 8,000 in what is now Mexico!

  1. The world record for most t-shirts worn by one person at one time was 257!

  1. 62% of people own more than 10 t-shirts.

  1. Wrinkle-free t-shirts were born in the 80’s.

  1. Each year, over two billion t-shirts are sold across the world.

  1. Yellow, orange and purple are the three most disliked t-shirt colours.

Yellow, Orange and Purple Tee

  1. Cotton is the most popular fabric for t-shirts, with polyester second.

  1. The first wet t-shirt contest was held in Spain in the 1940’s.

  1. T-shirts used to weigh around 50g. Now, they weigh 150g!

  1. The 70’s saw a handful of iconic t-shirts born; the Rolling Stones tee, I heart NY & smiley face being a few.
  2. Some of the earliest t-shirts date back to the 20th century when t-shirts were issued to the United States Navy sailors as undershirts.

Did we catch you by surprise with any of these facts? Let us know which one shocked you in the comments below… Or tell us another fact you know! Here at the T-Shirt Co, your t-shirt order includes a free customisation, starting at just $12.95! What are you waiting for, there’s no better time to stock up on everyone’s favourite wardrobe item.

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